Remi Briand

Part of the Tnemec family since 1998

Vice President - Research & Development

With more than 30 years of experience in coating industry research and development, Remi Briand is an invaluable member of the Tnemec team. Since joining the company 20 years ago, Remi has been responsible for managing countless R&D projects, performance testing initiatives and quality control. During this time, Tnemec has obtained several patents and greatly increased the company’s portfolio of high-solids and water-based coatings and other innovative technologies. A member of SSPC and FSCT, Remi has co-authored multiple papers as well as written several articles for technical publications related to the coatings industry. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from University of Sherbrook in Canada.

From Remi

“Keeping Tnemec on the cutting edge of innovation and performance testing is vital for the R&D group, the performance lab and the company as a whole. We work every day with our supply chain and our customers to continue development of our high-performance coatings, which is a key part of our success.”

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