Series 1432


Generic Type

Elevated Temperature Epoxy Vinyl Ester

Common Usage

Series 1432 is an FDA-compliant, vinyl ester lining for food grade tanks, vessels and other structures. Highly filled with glass flake, Series 1432 is specially formulated to provide exceptional service in thermal cycling and chemical reaction tanks and vessels. Applied by roller or spray, it may be used as a stand-alone lining system or as a topcoat for added protection over trowel applied vinyl ester linings. Replaces ProPolymer 4822S.

Special Qualifications

Complies with the requirements and extractive limitations of US FDA 21 CFR Part 175.300 Resinous and Polymeric Coatings for tanks or other repeated use direct food storage or mixing vessels 5 gallons or greater under conditions of use
C-E with all food types. Compliance was based upon raw material supplier documents, and third party analytical and extractive test results (HKGH02410973).

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Theoretical Coverage

1,363 mil sq ft/gal (33.4 m²/L at 25 microns). See APPLICATION for coverage rates.


Steel: Self-priming or Series 1402 (for FDA food service).
Concrete: Series 1402 (for FDA food service).
Note: For services above 180°F (82°C), do not use a primer.

Recommended DFT

10.0 to 25.0 mils (250 to 635 microns) per coat.

Volume Solids

85.0 ± 2.0% (mixed). Series 1432 contains a reactive monomer and some loss will occur during application and cure. Actual solids by volume will vary depending upon temperature and air movement.

Curing Time

Temperature To Recoat Immersion Service
90°F (32°C) 3 hours min days max. 24 hours
75°F (24°C) 4 hours min. days max. 48 hours
50°F (10°C) 24 hours min. days max. 4 days

Note: If the maximum recoat time has elapsed between coats, the Series 1432 coated surface must be mechanically abraded before topcoating. Recoat times are typical for coating to be dry-to-touch and ready for the next application. Immersion and certain other services may require longer cure times and/or elevated temperature post cure for optimal performance. ASTM D2583 Barcol Hardness check is also recommended. Coating that has exceeded its maximum recoat time should be checked for styrene or acetone sensitivity or uniformly scarified to assure secondary bonding. Consult Tnemec Technical Services.

Volatile Organic Compounds

EPA Method 24
0.62 lbs/gallon (74 grams/litre)



Number of Components

Two: Part A (base) to Part B (catalyst)

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