Series 90-1K97


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Generic Type

Aromatic Polyurethane, Zinc-Rich

Common Usage

An advanced technology, single-component, moisture-cured, zinc-rich primer providing extraordinary performance, user-friendly and easy application. Also used for field touch-up of inorganic zinc coating.

Special Qualifications

90-1K97 Tneme-Zinc uses a dust which meets the requirements of ASTM D 520 Type III and contains less than .002% lead. This level qualifies it to be classed as "non-lead" (less than 0.06% lead by weight) as defined in Part 1303 of the Consumer Product Safety Act Regulations. Conforms to SSPC Paint 20, Type II.

Volume Solids

62.0 ± 2.0%

Theoretical Coverage

996 mil sq ft/gal (24.4 m²/L at 25 microns). See APPLICATION for coverage rates.


Series 115. Intermediate coat color should be noticeably different but in the same family as the topcoat color. Certain intermediate/topcaot systems may require multiple coats to achieve acceptable hiding, depending on color, specified thickness per coat and method of application. More information appears under Application Equipment.

Curing Time

Temperature † To Handle To Recoat
75°F (24°C) 2 hours 8 hours
55°F (11°C) 4 hours 12 hours
35°F (2°C) 6 hours 16 hours

† 50% relative humidity. Curing time varies with surface temperature, air movement, humidity and film thickness. Ventilation: When used in enclosed areas, provide adequate ventilation during application and cure. Note: For faster curing and low-temperature applications, add No. 44-710 Urethane Accelerator (see separate product data sheet.)

Number of Components



Series 6, 27, 46H-413, 66, N69, N69F, 73, 84, 104, 113, 114, 161, 290, 291, 1070, 1071, 1072, 1074, 1075, 1077, 1078. Note: Certain topcoat colors may not provide one-coat hiding depending on method of application. contact your Tnemec representative.


Unthinned: 4.19 lbs/gal solids
Thinned 2.5%: 4.48 lbs/gal solids (No. 2 Thinner); 4.18 lbs/gal solids (No. 3 Thinner)
Thinned 10%: 5.33 lbs/gal solids (No. 2 Thinner); 4.23 lbs/gal solids (No. 3 Thinner)



Recommended DFT

2.5 to 3.5 mils (65 to 90 microns) per coat.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Unthinned: 2.66 lbs/gallon (318 grams/litre)
Thinned 2.5%: 2.77 lbs/gallon (332 grams/litre)
Thinned 10%: 3.08 lbs/gallon (369 grams/litre)

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